Information Resources

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The Early Support resources have been revised, updated and adapted for use with older children and disabled young people. They are available to download for free.



The Early Support information resources describe, discuss and explore either a specific condition/disability or more general information that parent carers and young people have told us they would find useful to know.

The resources were produced in response to requests from families, professional agencies and voluntary organisations for better standard information about particular conditions or disabilities and more general and reliable background knowledge resources.


Using the information resources

The information resources are helpful when parent carers and/or young people are searching for accurate information about specific conditions/disabilities or elements of service support.

The resources help practitioners to answer the questions parent carers and young people are most likely to ask either at the time of diagnosis, soon after or as the child grows and matures, moving through different transition points. As with all Early Support resources, the information provided is best used as a shared resource that everyone looks at together as working relationships develop and discussion moves on.

However, the information resources can also be used to meet other needs. Families sometimes like to use them to explain things about their child's situation to grandparents, or friends. Early Years settings, schools and colleges can use them to improve their background knowledge and understanding when they're including children with particular conditions or disabilities.

It's important to remember that nobody is obliged to use the Early Support resources. Everyone who could benefit from the information resources should know about them and be helped to use them, but the guiding principle is to use them only when the family thinks they add value.

You can download the updated, extended and revised versions of a wide range of information resources here:

Information Resource: Behaviour

Information Resource: Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Information Resource: If your child has a rare condition

Information Resource: Childcare

Information Resource: People you may meet

Information Resource: Useful contacts

Information Resource: General information

Information Resource: Living without a diagnosis

Information Resource: Multi-sensory impairments

Information Resource: Neurological Disorders Part One

Information Resource: Neurological Disorders Part Two

Information Resource: Neurological Disorders Part Three

Information Resource: Speech, language and communication needs

Information Resource: Sleep

Information Resource: Visual Impairment Part One

Information Resource: Visual Impairment Part Two

Information Resource: Visual Impairment Part Three

Information Resource: Visual Impairment Part Four

Information Resource: Deafness and hearing loss

Information Resource: Looking after yourself as a parent

Information Resource: Cerebral Palsy

Information Resource: Learning disabilities

Information Resource: Down Syndrome

Note that the current resources are all downloads. Additional versions of all of these resources are available in web-based versions