The Council for Disabled Children developed training on the key working approach to supporting disabled children, young people and those with SEN, and their families. This training has been designed for a multi-agency group of professionals from across health, education and care and builds on learning from the Early Support Programme. The training empowers professionals to work in partnership with young people and their families as well as support them in implementing the SEN and Disability reforms.

Online modules are now available to explain how the approach is relevant across health, education and care.

Who is the training for?

Professionals from health, education and care. It is suitable for anyone who has previously attended key working training and for those who have not. If you are a parent or carer, you are very welcome to attend too. 

After attending the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of key working as a way of working.
  • Explain the principles of key working.
  • Understand and be ready to use key working functions to support the implementation of the SEND reforms, using and building upon existing skills and knowledge.  
  • Understand how person-centred approaches can be used to inform assessment and planning with children, young people & families.
  • Understand how a key working approach can help identify, and support the delivery of, outcomes for children and young people.


To download the pre-course pack, please click here

To download the 'Continuum of Support' graph please click here

To download the Section 19 principles please click here

Webinar Sessions

In April 2016, 4 webinar sessions were held around the key aspects of the training. these sessions are now available as a recording, by following the below links

Keyworking Principles

Keyworking Functions

Keyworking accross the Continuum

Person Centred Approaches Aspirations and Outcomes


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